Welcome to ABIC – the Association of Bermuda International Companies.

ABIC represents the internationally owned businesses which are physically located in Bermuda, but conduct their operations worldwide. There are more than 1,500 exempted or international companies currently registered in Bermuda, of which some 400 have a physical presence.

Through partnerships with Regulatory, Government and Professional Organizations, ABIC will promote and preserve a sound business environment for the International business community, and ensure that Bermuda continues as the business domicile of choice.

ABIC is a membership organization and exists to serve its members and our success is measured through an improved Bermuda business environment.

ABIC also administers a major educational award programme offering significant financial support to promising local students pursuing higher education abroad, primarily in fields related to international business.

Our membership represents the vast majority of companies in this increasingly important sector of the Bermuda economy. With the dramatic growth of the international insurance and reinsurance and financial service sectors, international business and its support services have come to generate, on an annual basis, more than 80% of total revenue for the Island.

Our aim is to ensure that Bermuda remains the premier international center in which to do business.